Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Little things count a mountain

The little things that make me happy are the following:
- Chatting with a good friend. I don’t care about the topic, but they joy that brings being with this other person who I know cares about me.
- Dancing like a crazy person and feeling the music is burning my body…that much that I don’t have any other choice that freeing myself.
- Eating chocolate when I feel down
-Going to the cinema…I love watching films in foreign languages, no subtitles.
- Listening to music. Now I’m going through another stage in my life and I love listening to music that I would not normally listen to. Bad music doesn’t count. Yeah, there is bad music…music without soul.
- Writing poems when I feel extremely sad or happy. No drugs used…I don’t need them to see colors in the sky.
- Singing songs I love…I actually wish I could really sing well. I’m starting to like Portuguese, so I love singing in Portuguese.
- Leading other people. I like when I’m the boss…a nice boss
- Walking…walking…walking…and chatting would be perfect.
- When somebody who doesn’t usually express his feelings tells me he/she cares about me.
- Being with a big group of people who love me.
- Giving suggestions or advice to people who need it.
- Taking my backpack and traveling with somebody else no matter where.
- Playing Foosball…When I score, there is nothing better than that feeling. I’m actually good at this sport. Hold on, is this a sport?
- Reading a good book…the kind that makes me cry or laugh…or make me do things I would have never thought of and the ones that make me forget about time
- Teasing people I love. I like making them laugh.
- When people tell me about their cultures and the things they like to do in their countries.
- When a man realizes I’m smarter than him…lol lol ,excuse me, as smart as him.
- Attending Holy Thursday mass. The best mass of the year.
- When I get letters, real ones! I love the 30 seconds before opening the letter. It’s like I’m about to explode of happiness.
- Going to Yanacachi…feeling scared, but excited at the same time.
- Eating a good burger with French fries…NO McDonald’s or Burger King
- When I feel I’m free and there is nothing I have to do for the next day.
- Being in love…really in love…
- Love surprises…good ones, of course!
- Simplicity...just that!