Wednesday, April 6, 2016


A borrowed heart
A borrowed feeling
We danced for a while
Felt my world was turned upside down
Felt I couldn’t feel happier
Woke one day and everything was gone
Your love, your smile
Your voice stopped making those groovy sounds
Your words stopped being written and sent to my heart
The dance stopped and I wasn’t prepared
A borrowed heart
Are you where you’re supposed to be?
Thought we belonged together
Thought we would dance forever
Thought we would go to Las Vegas and love each other until the end
Didn’t I get the message right?
I laughed at that!
Because you knew how much I loved you!
You knew it, but the game was on
A borrowed heart
A borrowed feeling
And now you’re all cozy in her arms…
But I did learn
Learned to never give my heart to the wrong person
Our dance is over
Photos and a ghost remain
Hope I can forget just that easily
Wish I were all cozy in someone else’s arms
Loving and being loved
You forgot everything so quickly
But I’m fine…you just made me stronger!