Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Where I am from

Where I am From

I am from the scent of freesias, from the smell of steel and soil.
I am from the Andean Plateau, windy harsh weather
I am from the coca leaf that heals and the potatoes that my people eat.
I am from my hard-working people and Aymara traits.
From Miriam and Joaquin, and my uncle Felix who left us when he was a child.

I am from the determined people and strict ones.
From "study hard to succeed" and believe in God because He loves you
I am from “Cristo Rey” where my Catholicism became real
I am from high sacred mountains, from quinoa and chuño.

From the woman who gave up her dreams and makes me feel that I am still a child, and the man who stayed with me and made me strong.

I am from the old photo album where my parents hold hands, and I show a smile. I am from a photo album that was left behind in the past.