Sunday, December 8, 2013


Beautiful green land witnessed your birth
When your eyes opened light was shed everywhere
Strong South African soul!
Strong human soul!
Greatness was not your goal
Justice is all your heart longed
A real fighter!
A real leader!
Education is the core you once said
You never gave up!
Your body was jailed, but not your soul
They tried to extinguish the fire in your heart, but they failed
You were stronger than that
You were stronger than all the evil
Free thinker, free soul!
Revenge was not in your dictionary
You decided to learn the language of your enemy
You decided to pour forgiveness on your oppressors
Sacrifice, tears, separation…all you trade for your people
Love and forgiveness you taught us
You are not longer with us, but your thoughts, your love, your example will forever dwell in our hearts
Not only on your beautiful land, but on all corners of our world
Magic smile, wise eyes!
The world will never forget you, Tata!
God is hearing how grateful we are for having sent you to this world
The greatest, the humblest, the wisest!
Thank you, thank you, thank you, Madiba!