Friday, February 20, 2015

El Sol y la Estrella

Sun wakes up;
Washes up and starts off a new brand day.
Star is running late for work and didn’t have enough time to do her hair.
All other stars are already shining over the whole world!
Sun checks his email while eating some yummy chocolate.
Star begins to shine and feels happy to be at her desk while Sun is already in bed.
They never see each other, but they’re extraordinarily connected.
Somehow Sun feels when Star is sad.
Somehow Star knows when Sun is worried.
They would love to chat sometime!
They would love to make jokes and tease each other.
They would love to hear each other’s stories.
Sun is happy!
Star is happy!
But they would be insanely happy if they could ever be together.
All stars, planets, and the moon say that’s impossible!
Sun and Star could never be together.
But what they don’t know is what Sun and Star truly feel.
They dream about each other and when the right tune plays on the radio they both know that somehow, somewhere, they will finally be together.
A magic bond, a magic bridge!
Call it the way pleases you; it’s just how it is.
Sun and Star will always be together not matter what!