Sunday, December 8, 2013


Beautiful green land witnessed your birth
When your eyes opened light was shed everywhere
Strong South African soul!
Strong human soul!
Greatness was not your goal
Justice is all your heart longed
A real fighter!
A real leader!
Education is the core you once said
You never gave up!
Your body was jailed, but not your soul
They tried to extinguish the fire in your heart, but they failed
You were stronger than that
You were stronger than all the evil
Free thinker, free soul!
Revenge was not in your dictionary
You decided to learn the language of your enemy
You decided to pour forgiveness on your oppressors
Sacrifice, tears, separation…all you trade for your people
Love and forgiveness you taught us
You are not longer with us, but your thoughts, your love, your example will forever dwell in our hearts
Not only on your beautiful land, but on all corners of our world
Magic smile, wise eyes!
The world will never forget you, Tata!
God is hearing how grateful we are for having sent you to this world
The greatest, the humblest, the wisest!
Thank you, thank you, thank you, Madiba!

Thursday, November 28, 2013


Didn’t guess I will ever find you
Didn’t guess this will end up like this
Didn’t guess your words, your attitude will hurt me
But I did learn!
I learned not to expect anything
I learned there is a big ocean between you and me
I learned that you never cared
Wish my thoughts and feelings were clearer
The hardest part is to stay still and do nothing
The hardest part is to realize the truth
Too many expectations perhaps…an “I’m sorry” would’ve done it
Wish I could scream… wish I could take this feeling into my hands and tear it off
But now I must do what is best for me
A whole world awaits and this feeling won't knock me down
In the meantime I will do the hardest part: "nothing".

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Anyone there?

Hours and hours go by
Breathing in, breathing out
Chaos controls us
People coming and going like doomed souls
Anyone there?
Words are not heard
Emotions are not understood
You want out, but would that be enough?
You want to be left alone, but would that be enough?
You decide not to smile
You decide not be seen vulnerable, but would that be enough?
People and people pass by
Anyone there?
Heartbeats are misunderstood
Fear grabs you and you want out, but would that be enough?
Not big enough, not brave enough
And you wonder if there is someone out there
Someone in this strange land, in this strange world
Anyone there?
And suddenly you hear someone knocking at the door
Are you ready to go for it?
Yes, there is someone there for you
Decide to love, decide to climb the highest mountain, decide to open your heart
Believe there is someone there for you

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Growing up

Back when you were a child
Things seemed all possible
They were indeed possible when you closed your eyes
They both were holding hands and smiling at each other
Things were possible, my friend!
Hugs and love and someone who could be there for you
You just needed that
Someone who could understand who you were
A solitaire soul
A thousand of thoughts
An innocent smile
Growing up went faster than you expected
So many decisions to be made
A solitaire soul embracing life
You just want to run away and hide in this wonderful world
Never coming back home
There is no home to go back to
Home is just wherever you go
Home is within your heart
It’s so hard to grow up
Teenage jeans don’t fit anymore
Shadows of wrinkles invading your face
You’re happy, no regrets!
But how hard is to grow up and pretend you are an adult
An adult who knows exactly how to reach the top mountain
Decisions, decisions
Forgiveness, forgiveness
Hiding in this beautiful world
Just a break from this madness
And a chai tea will do...
No regrets!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The day I met you

Millions of people around
A chaotic stream of voices awaiting something to begin
Everyday thoughts coming and going like fireworks
Nothing to be worried about
Youth in my veins, passion awaiting
Deep silence reigned
Peace took my heart over
Right time, right place
Who would have thought?
I would have run to your arms just there, but got immobilized
Feeling something bigger than this world was about to begin
You, stepping into the greatest love ever known
Me, realizing that I would never forget you
The day I met you I understood life didn’t have any sense without you
The day I met you I started to breathe
The day I met you I smiled again
The day I met you love songs were played in my heart
Sunshine, sunshine, sunshine reigned
From all experiences, I will never forget the day I met you
Will you?