Monday, May 18, 2015

Don’t worry, be happy!

Hey you!
Cheer up!
Put a smile on your face!
Because you only have one chance to live
Because life will go away in a blink
Enjoy every minute, every hour, and every day
And if everything seems to get dark,
Close your eyes and think of a beautiful memory
Don´t be afraid because life is there for you
Take a walk!
Listen to your heart!
Hear your soul breathing!
Take a break and enjoy this moment!
Because it will never come back
Be grateful for all the beautiful moments, but also for all the struggles and mistakes
Don’t worry, be happy!
Life is a lit candle…enjoy it before the light is gone
Sing, dance, dream, write, read, and fall in love with your life
Don’t worry, be happy!
Because everything will be just fine
(Thanks Bobby McFerrin for the song that makes me feel there is nothing that can knock me down!)