Saturday, October 24, 2015

A trap called "Love"

Please love me like I do
Please don´t give up on us
Tears just pour out of my soul
I can´t control this feeling
It´s bigger than me and my brains
Please make love to me
Please dance with me
Tears just cover my face
I wish I didn´t feel the way I feel now
It was an unexpected feeling
I should have walked away
I should have slapped you when you kissed me the first time
I should have done that and run away before it was too late
But now there is no way out
I´ve fallen in this trap called love once again
Wish I can take my heart and just tear it apart
Wish I could stop crying and thinking what I did wrong
I just showered you with kisses and sweetness
I just wanted to make you happy
And now this is how it all ends
Wish I could be you…wish I could control my feelings and decide not to care anymore
Wish I could go back in time and said “no”
My heart wouldn´t be broken
But there is more than you think
I´m not like anyone else!
And you´ll see
I´m strong enough to deal with the pain…maybe not today, but tomorrow you´ll see
I will just let my tears be free, just for today
I will just sink into this pain
I will remember the way you kissed me
I will remember the way we met
But just for today because tomorrow…I´ll wake up all brand new
Because I was being myself
Because it was not a game for me
I risked it and now I´ll put my heart together and keep going
It would have been one of the most amazing stories!
It would have been a beautiful dance, you and me!
But it´s OK
I´ll keep going…I´ll keep walking… and one day I will love again!