Sunday, December 28, 2014


Feel your sweet rage, your silent cry
Feel your awkwardness, your passion
You’re right here and I’m not me anymore
When you look into my eyes, you strip my soul
Useless layers and layers come off
Long time ago I learned to harden my heart, to hide
Blunt words
Frantic music
Passionate soul
The fire has been awaken and
I’m not me anymore
Useless layers and layers used to protect me
But your words, your silence, your eyes strip me off
And only a dumb girl remains
You are unique and I’m shaken
Time, time, time
Grateful for our separate roads
Your words, your silence, your eyes, your brains would’ve been my sweet malison
You’re unique!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Dreamed about you

Dreamed about you
Dreamed we were holding hands
Dreamed I hugged your back softly
Dreamed I asked you to come along
Dreamed I was afraid you'd see the real me
Dreamed I was proud to be holding hands with you
Dreamed we were putting flowers on the floor
Dreamed I was happy!
Dreamed everyone acknowledged we were meant to be together
Dreamed about you!

Saturday, April 12, 2014


So many storms
So many knock-outs
So many people telling you that you can’t
So many defeats
So many lonely days
But then you rise
And keep fighting
This is not an agonizing battle
This fight is the one you were looking forward to
This is the fight you’ve been preparing for
This is the time when you rise and look the world in the eye
And voice, “Here, I am! This is my fight, this is my life and for that I’m so grateful!”
Grateful for the defeats,
Grateful for the battles,
Grateful for the sword thrusts
Grateful for the challenges
Grateful for the mistakes
Because they teach you to rise and keep fighting
Grateful for this beautiful life and every single breath!