Saturday, September 19, 2009


Awake, looking for the unknown
Alive, singing love poems
Defeated, torturing myself
It’s been a journey
Still on the road
This hot summer is burning my soul
This cruel winter is making me cold
Yet the road is there
Still pedaling against the wildest wind
Still fighting against the non-believers
I’m awake, I’m alive, I’m conquering!
It’s been a journey

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Day

This is a happy day!
Tears will not be shed over my heart anymore,
The fragrance of the spring flowers will dance in my sweetest memories.
I decide not to suffer anymore
For life is too short to fill my heart with sadness.
I decide to smile and believe that the impossible is possible.
This is a day to fly
For flying is not absurd.
This is a day to dream
For dreaming is not forbidden.

This is a happy day!
No anger, no fear, no bitterness…
The melody of *quenas and zamponas lures me.
I decide to dance and be free
For life is too short to pour sorrow on it.
I decide to let me be,
I decide to let my heart be,
I decide to let my words come out.

This is a happy day!
No winter, no cold, no desolation.
Drums play melodies of a new life.
I decide to open my ears and let the notes possess me
For life is too short to shed tears,
For life is too short to be hapless.
Today I declare to the world that I am insanely happy!

quenas and zamponas: Bolivian wind instruments.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Where I am from

Where I am From

I am from the scent of freesias, from the smell of steel and soil.
I am from the Andean Plateau, windy harsh weather
I am from the coca leaf that heals and the potatoes that my people eat.
I am from my hard-working people and Aymara traits.
From Miriam and Joaquin, and my uncle Felix who left us when he was a child.

I am from the determined people and strict ones.
From "study hard to succeed" and believe in God because He loves you
I am from “Cristo Rey” where my Catholicism became real
I am from high sacred mountains, from quinoa and chuño.

From the woman who gave up her dreams and makes me feel that I am still a child, and the man who stayed with me and made me strong.

I am from the old photo album where my parents hold hands, and I show a smile. I am from a photo album that was left behind in the past.

Friday, February 27, 2009


The emptiness of my spirit
Is anything real?
The search will find something at the end
Is there anything we should be looking for?
Tears, indifference, distance
How can I wake you up?
How can I make you feel the bitter needle that is penetrating my soul?
Is there anything I can do?
My mind is blown away by your coldness, by your soulless
Is there anything I can do to make you sing the anthem of my sorrow?
Is there any way I can break the rules and make you fall down from your stiffness and realize that you are unique?
Running, singing, reading, fighting, loving, hating, are you really empty?
This sorrow sticks to me and doesn't leave me
Is there anybody waiting for me?
Is there anybody to be loved by me?
And...what's love?
Holding hands, cheating, lust?
What's love at the end?
Subjugating, fusion, soul mates?
And the people who forced me to love, what are they?
Did they love me? awaken by the sirens
Awaken by the drums of the conquest
Liberating myself
Liberating from the hope
No one is waiting for you
No one is the one
No one will answer your prayers
Asleep, fighting with my pillows
I want to sleep, I want to dream of you
Are you still there?
Do you exist?
Will you look at me and know that it's me who you were waiting for?
Were you waiting for me?
Are you in another bed dreaming of liberating yourself?
In delirium tremens I want my mind to be
Holding this heart in my hands, petting it, hoping someone will take care of it
Singing sweet lullabies to "him," is my heart a him or a her? singing Manu Chao songs to my beloved one even if I haven't never been introduced to him
And I want to open my eyes and see with them and with something else, I want to see reality
Is there anything real?
A tender kiss on my lips...I'm longing for that...
I know you are there...somewhere...looking for me even if you don't know you are doing that
The beautiful sky over my head and my thoughts give me the are there, somewhere...and you, yes, you! will sing songs of love to me
And you, yes, you! will blow up my mind with the love you are holding for me
Set your alarm clock...and wake up when the music plays!
Love is real! you know that and we both want to be liberated
We both are soulful, we both are hidden artists, hidden poets, hidden human beings with hearts
I'm waiting for you...please wait for me! wherever you're, whoever you're, whatever you do, just tell me you will love me like I'll love you
I'm not empty anymore!

Why writing?

I created this blog to find the inner writer that has been bugging me since I was a kid. I believe it's time for me to take my pen...well the keyboard and take the writing spirits out of my soul...English is not my native language, but I consider it as my adopted language...and as anyone or anything you adopt...I love it as it were my own language. I might be writing, however, in Spanish and in French whenever my inner writer decides to do it. Of course, this doesn't mean that I'm a triple personality freak! Just kidding! I just love experimenting with what moves me.
I hope you enjoy whatever my inner writer comes up with...feel free to send me any feedback, but please don't judge me or criticize me without giving me suggestions...a real feedback is the one that is based on wisdom and love.
While discovering my inner writer, you will also be learning about me...who is Monica? what does she want? what does she care for? what matters to her? By the way I decided to create this blog after having watched an amazing clip created by Jorge Canedo, talented visual artist, ( I couldn't keep living without being a little bit more productive and this blog will force me to do that because this world needs more words and feelings, so people won't think that love doesn't exist! I know it exists! Don't you?