Saturday, October 24, 2015

A trap called "Love"

Please love me like I do
Please don´t give up on us
Tears just pour out of my soul
I can´t control this feeling
It´s bigger than me and my brains
Please make love to me
Please dance with me
Tears just cover my face
I wish I didn´t feel the way I feel now
It was an unexpected feeling
I should have walked away
I should have slapped you when you kissed me the first time
I should have done that and run away before it was too late
But now there is no way out
I´ve fallen in this trap called love once again
Wish I can take my heart and just tear it apart
Wish I could stop crying and thinking what I did wrong
I just showered you with kisses and sweetness
I just wanted to make you happy
And now this is how it all ends
Wish I could be you…wish I could control my feelings and decide not to care anymore
Wish I could go back in time and said “no”
My heart wouldn´t be broken
But there is more than you think
I´m not like anyone else!
And you´ll see
I´m strong enough to deal with the pain…maybe not today, but tomorrow you´ll see
I will just let my tears be free, just for today
I will just sink into this pain
I will remember the way you kissed me
I will remember the way we met
But just for today because tomorrow…I´ll wake up all brand new
Because I was being myself
Because it was not a game for me
I risked it and now I´ll put my heart together and keep going
It would have been one of the most amazing stories!
It would have been a beautiful dance, you and me!
But it´s OK
I´ll keep going…I´ll keep walking… and one day I will love again!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Within you

It’s all within you!
Looking for love?
Looking for happiness?
Looking for peace?
You could walk the world a thousand times
You could meet all kinds of people
You could climb the highest mountain
You could swim the largest ocean
You could fall in love
But there is no need
It’s all within you!
All answers lie within you
Joy, love, and freedom lie right there
Stop for a minute and understand this…
It´s all within you!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Don’t worry, be happy!

Hey you!
Cheer up!
Put a smile on your face!
Because you only have one chance to live
Because life will go away in a blink
Enjoy every minute, every hour, and every day
And if everything seems to get dark,
Close your eyes and think of a beautiful memory
Don´t be afraid because life is there for you
Take a walk!
Listen to your heart!
Hear your soul breathing!
Take a break and enjoy this moment!
Because it will never come back
Be grateful for all the beautiful moments, but also for all the struggles and mistakes
Don’t worry, be happy!
Life is a lit candle…enjoy it before the light is gone
Sing, dance, dream, write, read, and fall in love with your life
Don’t worry, be happy!
Because everything will be just fine
(Thanks Bobby McFerrin for the song that makes me feel there is nothing that can knock me down!)

Sunday, April 26, 2015


A new day ahead
24 hours to discover who you are
24 hours to taste life as it is
A new day begins
And a thousand questions arise
What should I do?
What should I think?
Who should I be?
Where should I go?
24 hours to figure it out
24 hours to dance with the world
One word, one look, one touch, one decision
A thousand challenges
A thousand mistakes
A thousand opportunities to learn
A new day ahead to enjoy “uncertainty”
A new day to taste life as it is
Don’t miss that fighting chance!

Saturday, March 7, 2015


Little by little
Warm wave after warm wave
I feel the rhythm of your animal song
I long to learn your upbeat language
I feel it on my toes
I feel it on my hips
I feel it on my arms
I feel it on my body
I feel the rhythm of your sensual song
It’s burning my soul
It’s burning my heart
Little by little
I hold your hand
I touch you tenderly
I feel your rhythm
I speak your beautiful upbeat language
Little by little
You start loving me
And I start understanding this unique life dance

Friday, February 20, 2015

El Sol y la Estrella

Sun wakes up;
Washes up and starts off a new brand day.
Star is running late for work and didn’t have enough time to do her hair.
All other stars are already shining over the whole world!
Sun checks his email while eating some yummy chocolate.
Star begins to shine and feels happy to be at her desk while Sun is already in bed.
They never see each other, but they’re extraordinarily connected.
Somehow Sun feels when Star is sad.
Somehow Star knows when Sun is worried.
They would love to chat sometime!
They would love to make jokes and tease each other.
They would love to hear each other’s stories.
Sun is happy!
Star is happy!
But they would be insanely happy if they could ever be together.
All stars, planets, and the moon say that’s impossible!
Sun and Star could never be together.
But what they don’t know is what Sun and Star truly feel.
They dream about each other and when the right tune plays on the radio they both know that somehow, somewhere, they will finally be together.
A magic bond, a magic bridge!
Call it the way pleases you; it’s just how it is.
Sun and Star will always be together not matter what!