Saturday, December 3, 2011

Lost Boys

Caminar sin esperar
Caminar con dolor en el corazón
Mirar y no ver colores
¿Qué hicimos para que nuestras almas sean tan golpeadas?
¿Cómo lograr reparar nuestros sueños de felicidad?
¿Cómo dejar atrás mi pueblo, mi madre, mi padre, mis hermanos y hermanas?
Una intensa agonía viene a mi mente cuando recuerdo, cuando pienso…
Hay colores alrededor mío, pero no importan porque mi alma está sin luz
¿Cuántas millas más tendré que recorrer para que sanen las cicatrices que no se ven?
Escucho melodías de mi tierra
Y en mi imaginación todos somos felices, veo sonrisas, veo amor
Caminar sin esperar
Caminar con dolor en el corazón
Luchar, llorar, añorar, soñar…
Despierto y se que hay algo que hacer
Despierto y veo los rostros de mi pueblo
No puedo olvidarlos, no debo
Todos somos uno y los amo
Ellos también caminan, ellos también llevan dolor en sus almas
Hay algo que hacer y mis manos lo harán
Ahora camino esperando con la fe que Dios siempre me ha brindado
Camino hacia la libertad, la paz, la felicidad
Veo sonrisas de niños, escucho melodías de fiesta
Camino esperando no escuchar más balas
Camino esperando no ver más sangre
Camino esperando que los corazones canten de alegría
Cuando escuche la voz de mi tierra
¡Camino, respiro, lucho, y vivo ahora!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cette fois-là je suis sure

Cette fois-là je suis sure
J’écoute des chansons qui caressent mon cœur
Je lis des poèmes qui me font rêver avec une symphonie parfaite
Cette fois-là je suis sure
Je n’ai que des sentiments qui me faire sourire bêtement
En marchant je ne vois que la beauté des petites choses qui personne remarque
Et je me demande si je suis folle parce que moi je vois le monde à l’envers maintenant
Cette fois-là je suis sure
Je veux changer le monde, je veux effacer des larmes, je veux lire des petites histoires, je veux écrire des poèmes qui allégèrent la tristesse de tous et je ne veux que te faire sourire mon amour!
Cette fois-là je suis sure
Je ne suis pas toute seule
Tu es ici tout prête de moi

Monday, October 31, 2011

It should be this way…

Against all negative thoughts pinching me
Against the sky pouring sorrow on me
I start walking, falling down, standing up, falling again, and reflecting
Against lies and bad intentions
Against betrayal burning my hearty soul
I start paddling in a river that gets darker and darker
And I just keep paddling until I see the light
I’m awake now…new again!
Reinventing myself and learning more than ever
Against the non-believers trying to knock me down
I hear myself breathing and I know I exist
Against any obstacle encountered
I’m here to say that it should be this way…never backing down

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Adventurer Spirit

Once I dreamt of never having to live the life everybody else wanted to live.
Once I dreamt I could be an orchestra conductor, an extraordinary singer, a great teacher, a soulful writer…
Once I dreamt of never having to live under the rules others wanted to impose on me.
Once I dreamt of flying solo because no matter how much you get to love someone else,
There is nothing like discovering your true self and loving it.
Once I dreamt of climbing mountains and feeling the melody of the ancestral wind telling me stories I had never heard before.
Once I dreamt of seeing old castles and streets and let my heart feel their history.
Once I dreamt of dancing salsa while hearing a Cuban band playing.
Once I dreamt of another adventurer waving and me waving back.
Once I dreamt of speaking in many different languages and understanding other beautiful people.
Once I dreamt of going to the opera and falling in love with the atmosphere.
Once I dreamt of losing myself in a river…paddling to survive and then laughing out loud because I did paddle against all odds.
Once I dreamt of falling in love with people who were so different from me, but with whom I had an extraordinary connection.
Once I dreamt of walking through intricate forests where I could hear the calling of mystic waterfalls.
Once I dreamt of seeing the sunset in a tropical island drinking fabulous Argentinean wine.
Once I dreamt of letting me be while hearing the waves of the ocean.
Once I dreamt of hearing Hokkaido Bon Uta and feeling like I should be dancing and singing along.
Once I dreamt of feeling so happy that my heart wouldn’t take more of it…
Once I dreamt I would be an adventurer and I realize now that I must keep dreaming for life to keep giving me more wonderful presents.
My adveturer spirit takes me wherever I want to go...

Friday, September 30, 2011


Return to me…
Peace, Fall leaves, hot choco, miso soup…
How much I miss you!
You and me chatting for hours
You and me laughing and eating
Nature was there for us…trees danced with us and caressed us with their smooth arms
Waterfalls sang for us and we dreamed of hearing their melody forever
Flowers, mountains, air…
Wise words…funny words…Japanese words…Spanish words…English words
I miss you so much!
Kaeru, kaeru, kaeru!