Saturday, October 29, 2011

Adventurer Spirit

Once I dreamt of never having to live the life everybody else wanted to live.
Once I dreamt I could be an orchestra conductor, an extraordinary singer, a great teacher, a soulful writer…
Once I dreamt of never having to live under the rules others wanted to impose on me.
Once I dreamt of flying solo because no matter how much you get to love someone else,
There is nothing like discovering your true self and loving it.
Once I dreamt of climbing mountains and feeling the melody of the ancestral wind telling me stories I had never heard before.
Once I dreamt of seeing old castles and streets and let my heart feel their history.
Once I dreamt of dancing salsa while hearing a Cuban band playing.
Once I dreamt of another adventurer waving and me waving back.
Once I dreamt of speaking in many different languages and understanding other beautiful people.
Once I dreamt of going to the opera and falling in love with the atmosphere.
Once I dreamt of losing myself in a river…paddling to survive and then laughing out loud because I did paddle against all odds.
Once I dreamt of falling in love with people who were so different from me, but with whom I had an extraordinary connection.
Once I dreamt of walking through intricate forests where I could hear the calling of mystic waterfalls.
Once I dreamt of seeing the sunset in a tropical island drinking fabulous Argentinean wine.
Once I dreamt of letting me be while hearing the waves of the ocean.
Once I dreamt of hearing Hokkaido Bon Uta and feeling like I should be dancing and singing along.
Once I dreamt of feeling so happy that my heart wouldn’t take more of it…
Once I dreamt I would be an adventurer and I realize now that I must keep dreaming for life to keep giving me more wonderful presents.
My adveturer spirit takes me wherever I want to go...

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