Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Little things count a mountain

The little things that make me happy are the following:
- Chatting with a good friend. I don’t care about the topic, but they joy that brings being with this other person who I know cares about me.
- Dancing like a crazy person and feeling the music is burning my body…that much that I don’t have any other choice that freeing myself.
- Eating chocolate when I feel down
-Going to the cinema…I love watching films in foreign languages, no subtitles.
- Listening to music. Now I’m going through another stage in my life and I love listening to music that I would not normally listen to. Bad music doesn’t count. Yeah, there is bad music…music without soul.
- Writing poems when I feel extremely sad or happy. No drugs used…I don’t need them to see colors in the sky.
- Singing songs I love…I actually wish I could really sing well. I’m starting to like Portuguese, so I love singing in Portuguese.
- Leading other people. I like when I’m the boss…a nice boss
- Walking…walking…walking…and chatting would be perfect.
- When somebody who doesn’t usually express his feelings tells me he/she cares about me.
- Being with a big group of people who love me.
- Giving suggestions or advice to people who need it.
- Taking my backpack and traveling with somebody else no matter where.
- Playing Foosball…When I score, there is nothing better than that feeling. I’m actually good at this sport. Hold on, is this a sport?
- Reading a good book…the kind that makes me cry or laugh…or make me do things I would have never thought of and the ones that make me forget about time
- Teasing people I love. I like making them laugh.
- When people tell me about their cultures and the things they like to do in their countries.
- When a man realizes I’m smarter than him…lol lol ,excuse me, as smart as him.
- Attending Holy Thursday mass. The best mass of the year.
- When I get letters, real ones! I love the 30 seconds before opening the letter. It’s like I’m about to explode of happiness.
- Going to Yanacachi…feeling scared, but excited at the same time.
- Eating a good burger with French fries…NO McDonald’s or Burger King
- When I feel I’m free and there is nothing I have to do for the next day.
- Being in love…really in love…
- Love surprises…good ones, of course!
- Simplicity...just that!

Friday, October 12, 2012


Smiles, laughter, freedom
You were all that to me
Speed, craziness, plain happiness
You were all that to me
Understanding, love, friendship
You were all that to me
My heart broke when I understood that I will never hear your voice again
My heart broke because I couldn’t say bye
Paddling in a river
You cheering me up, so I could make it to the shore
You were more than a friend
You were laughter and love
When you left…the sky poured sorrow over me
But I know you are happy now
You are with your love now
Thanks for so much joy!
Thanks for being part of my life!
You are not here with me now, but I know you are somehow
You are in those simple things that move me every day
You are in those crazy moments that I ache to have
I love you…I will always love you
My crazy, authentic friend!
In memoriam of Jesse Medina, a true dear friend.

Monday, October 8, 2012


Nothing is left, but silence
The battle is over
Silence and me!
Against a wall of memories
My last hope was crushed
And silence remains
I can’t hear the wind making autumn leaves dance
I can’t hear your voice or even remember your face
Not long time ago silence was not an option
Not long time ago your love was real
And now silence remains
And nothing is left
A broken dream, a broken heart
Keep walking
Even though there is nothing to be heard
Keep walking
And maybe someday you will be able to hear a bird singing at your window
And maybe someday you will be able to hear somebody else’s heart beat
Against a wall the past ended
But present and future are there!
Silence reigns now, but it won’t last forever
A day will come when silence won’t be an option anymore!

Monday, October 1, 2012


Stop the nonsense of lies
Stop the stream of wants that are not good for us
Let’s stay away from those who just make us feel less
Let’s stand up and let the world know that “enough is enough”
Let’s stop the dance of desires that do not make us happy
Let’s liberate ourselves and for once feel we deserve more!
We, at least, deserve to be truly loved!
For love does exist
A real, pure love!
Lies stay away, bad intentions stay away!
Let’s be also merciful because those who make us feel blue are in fact empty
They are just empty vessels that can’t pour anything good on us
Stop the nonsense of hurting
Stop it and liberate yourself!
For you truly deserve to be truly and madly loved!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Born to be Free

Wild yellow flowers all around me
Hearing a song the wind gently whispers in my ear
I keep walking and breathing
Nothing makes me sad
Simple things surprise me
Nothing tames my wild heart
Hearing a bird sing, seeing trees dance, listening to your voice is all I need
Nothing stops me from loving my freedom
It’s all inside me!
It’s all inside me!
I was born to be free
I was born to love life
I was born to see the world!

Thursday, May 31, 2012


Life is learning
When I wake up I am grateful for I have another day to learn
I can breathe and I can think
I never stop learning
I learn from my success, but I learn more from my mistakes
I dream of being a learner forever

Everyone is a learner
And everyone is a teacher
Learners have treasures in their minds
And I want to discover them
Sometimes they do not know they are rich
I want them to discover that
I see them speaking the language of the world
I see them smiling and expressing
I see them happy

I walk to them and knock on their doors
I want to be their friend
They smile and their eyes shine
I can read their faces
Sometimes they are happy, sometimes they are defeated
I am the rock or classical band that cheers them up
I am their walking stick
They are my walking stick
Together we want to reach the stars
Together we want to cross a wild river

The road is hard, but we are together
I trust them
I want them to trust me
They must be the best
They must do their best to conquer the world

They are all different
I never get bored
They inspire me
They make me ready to start all over again

Their desire is reaching a distant star
I know the way
The star seems hard to reach
They should approach it slowly and deeply
If they reach the star they will write poems and sing songs
Beautiful star you make them cry and make them laugh
They just want to reach you
I will show them the way
So we can be together and listen to our words

They are all different
I have to be careful
They must be careful
Reaching the star is harder
Every detail counts
Every moment
Every encounter
Reaching the star is strenuous, but worth it

During the journey
We warm up and we work hard
For everyone wants to reach the star
I show the steps and we dance
Sometimes they show me their steps
And we share a joyful dance

Everyone is different, everyone dreams of the star
Some go fast, some go slow
They help each other,
They share, they smile
I smile too for the precious star is waiting for us
They learn from their success, but they learn more from their mistakes
I am there for them
We are a whole
We are together

Sometimes I fall down
I am one of them
I am not a mythological god
They know that
We continue walking, we continue learning
Sometimes they fall down
I do not laugh, I do not accuse
We are together, we walk together

I open my arms, so they feel at home
I sing a song, so they feel at home
I write a poem, so they feel at home
I read a story, so they feel at home
I listen to their hearts, so they feel at home

Every moment counts
Every detail counts
I read their faces
They tell me the next step
I have a map, but they show me how to read it
Every day is different, every day is an opportunity
We are together
We are almost there
We will be reaching the star
For we know what we want

Saturday, May 26, 2012


La fuerza de las olas que nacen en tu cuerpo me trae mil melodías de recuerdos perdidos
El viento con su furia me suspira que no hay salida cuando se ha encontrado el amor
Las olas turquesas con encajes blancos juegan con mis pensamientos
Me dicen que el amor es estar perdido en la agonía de mis temores
Extraviada en las olas de tu cuerpo
El miedo se apodera de mí
Tu color turquesa me absorbe, tus encajes blancos me golpean
El aroma a sal, a pasión, tu fuerza a jugar
Podría caminar en tu ropaje turquesa y danzar en tus encajes blancos
Con una melodía que me insiste que hay poesía en el dolor
Escucho tu furia, tu pasión, tu canción
Interpreto tu lenguaje salino, tu agónico reclamo
Te escucho con todos mis sentidos, con el corazón
Nunca te tuve, no arrullaste mi niñez
Nunca corrí al lado tuyo; no te había sentido,
Pero ¡cómo te añoraba!
Tropiezo con tu ropaje turquesa, con tus encajes blancos
Te recuerdo en el vientre de mi madre
Tu perfume a vida
Tu melodía de latidos
Acéptame, déjame arrojarme a tu cuerpo turquesa
A tus encajes blancos
Tómame suavemente para que los miedos se desvanezcan
Mi cuerpo frágil, mi corazón temeroso, tembloroso, sincero, sólo desea explorar tu furia
Tu ropaje turquesa con encajes blancos me envuelve, me abraza, me acepta.
Soy feliz cuando me arrullas con tu canto de libertad, con tu perfume de sueños, con tu rostro de coral
Soy feliz cuando me extravío en tus entrañas y me siento en casa
Tu ropaje turquesa, tus encajes blancos, tu furia, tu aroma, tu canto, todo lo tuyo me atrapa con garras de seda
En este mensaje de amor que se deja llevar por la corriente de esperanzas tan profundas yace el temor de no tenerte, con tu ropaje turquesa y tus encajes blancos.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dare to love

Si las manecillas del reloj se detuvieran
Si los tambores dieran el último llamado
Si este corazón dejara de latir
Si el amor se desvaneciera
Quizás todo sería más sencillo
Pero…¿Qué es sencillo en esta vida?
Los corazones se enamoran
Y los latidos sincronizan con la fuerte marea
Y al final: “El amor”, “El amor”
Sólo quiere atraparnos en sus brazos de seda
El final de la historia no interesa
Porque la esencia está en atraverse a amar

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Brattleboro in my heart

I hear the peaceful wind of Brattleboro.
I see a beautiful redish sky that makes me think of long lasting love.
I walk and walk, and I keep thinking of you.
A glorious landscape takes my breath away.
Yellow, red, orange leaves.
Stunning New England’s mountains.
Gorgeous trees.
I walk and walk and I keep thinking of you.
I pass by a pond where a leaf happily dances.
I stop to look at it and think to myself:
"This is just the place where I was meant to be."
For a second I feel as if everything is just a dream. I am not here!
But then I realize how lucky I am to keep walking and walking surrounded by my hearty Brattleboro.

Friday, March 23, 2012

As if it were the first time

If a song that you've heard a thousand times still makes you cry or smile
You are alive!
When you look at the world that surrounds you as if you were a child
You are alive!
When you fall in love with someone as you've never fallen in love before
You are alive!
When you explore and feel like flying with your imagination
You are alive!
If your dreams are not dreams anymore
You are alive!
When wonderful furious horses pass by you
You are alive!
When your fears don’t stop you from going on
You are alive!
If a gorgeous puma seems to be about to attack you!
Don’t worry, you will find a way to stay alive!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A rose in a little box

Feeling like a rose in a little box
Trying to stretch out and curious about the outside world
Sometimes lonely, sometimes happy
Every week a rose in a little box came to me
When the box opened along with an honest smile, I felt there was nothing else that could make me happier
Feeling like a rose in a little box
Trying to understand why things have to be the way they are
Sometimes angry, sometimes calm
Every week I would feel the fragrance of a rose coming up from a little box
That was the most beautiful gesture of pure love
My rose in a little box…so grateful you were meant to be mine

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dalgo & Fuji

Little eyes that used to see me open and close the door
Jumping up and down inviting me to play with them
Little eyes and wet snouts
Long fur, short fur
Black and white
White, grey, and brown
Funny little guys
You loved running and running
You loved hearing my words even when you didn’t understand them
and I loved you so much!
Little eyes saying hello
Little eyes saying good-bye
Thank you for so much joy
Thank you for asking nothing in return
Thank you for having been there for me
Little funny guys you’ll always be in my heart
I know you’re together now jumping up and down on puffy clouds
While He takes care of you both
Dalgo & Fuji, I’ll see you around.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Just another day

I put my hand on my chest and I can feel my heart pounding
I close my eyes and I can hear myself breathing
I take a minute to really look at the beautiful small things that life gives me everyday
Wind making trees dance
A love song talking to me
Writing a soulful poem
I just want to take a minute to really understand that I’m here right now
I am on the words that I write
I am on the happy and sad memories that my mind pulls out without permission
Feeling the fragrance of a flower that was thrown out in the middle of the street by some stranger
A sad flower that needs to be taken care of
Needing someone to come to the rescue with a song
But now I am here and…
I start missing those moments that took my breath away
I was right next to you…who would have thought?
Trying to understand that each day is an opportunity to realize how amazing small things are
Trying to understand that every second must be lived to its fullest because there is never turning back
I am right here, right now…and I can’t stop thinking of you
And if you wonder what I’ve learned
Well, I truly learned that this is not just another day

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year

And here we are! Writing down another page of a wonderful story
Red, violet, yellow fireworks paint our sky
Laughter invades our homes
Champagne is there for us to welcome another chance to start from scratch
No regrets, no tears, no past shadows
It’s all about feeling alive and grateful for all the adventures coming up
Red, violet, yellow fireworks paint my heart with new hopes
Discovering new places,falling in love, seeing new faces, and asking a thousand questions
Let’s just open our eyes to see how beautiful fireworks sketch new simple stories of a precious life
Let’s be grateful for each breath, each broken heart, each mistake, each sad flower, each smile…
Let’s love more, let’s laugh more, and let’s make each other insanely happy.
Happy New Year!