Saturday, January 21, 2012

Just another day

I put my hand on my chest and I can feel my heart pounding
I close my eyes and I can hear myself breathing
I take a minute to really look at the beautiful small things that life gives me everyday
Wind making trees dance
A love song talking to me
Writing a soulful poem
I just want to take a minute to really understand that I’m here right now
I am on the words that I write
I am on the happy and sad memories that my mind pulls out without permission
Feeling the fragrance of a flower that was thrown out in the middle of the street by some stranger
A sad flower that needs to be taken care of
Needing someone to come to the rescue with a song
But now I am here and…
I start missing those moments that took my breath away
I was right next to you…who would have thought?
Trying to understand that each day is an opportunity to realize how amazing small things are
Trying to understand that every second must be lived to its fullest because there is never turning back
I am right here, right now…and I can’t stop thinking of you
And if you wonder what I’ve learned
Well, I truly learned that this is not just another day

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  1. i really liked was awesome