Thursday, April 12, 2018


I hear "Unforgettable"
and my heart starts to dance
I dance with you in my mind
I dance with you and I can see your soul
You loved me so much!
I loved you even more than that!
and this is why our story will remain forever unforgettable
You fled...because you knew you would never ever leave me
but I will be "Unforgettable" to you
and here I keep dancing waiting for you
Viens-ici! et embrasse moi!
tu sais que tu m'aimes
tu sais que je te manque énormément!
Viens-ici, parce que moi...j'ai déjà oublié tout le doleur
parce qu'on est "unforgettable"!
Dedicated to Nat King Cole.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Prince Not Charming

Someone who would never get tired of hearing my crazy ideas
Someone who would always be there when I need him
Someone whose tiny car would take us wherever we want
Someone who would be a book lover
Someone who would talk politics, music, and would appreciate my crazy taste in art
Someone who would feel we´re making magic together
While we try to communicate
So much to give, so much to say,
Don’t tell me what ending to write
This is me in the writing
This is me in every single word
I’m not afraid of being who I am
I’m not afraid of saying what I believe in even if that hurts
Because life is like that…you must hear nice and awful stuff
Nothing is like in the old love stories you once have read
Or maybe it is, once you´ve accepted who you are
Someone who won´t get tired of dancing
Someone who won´t give up
Someone who would commit
Not to me, but to his feelings
Someone who won´t deny who he is
Someone who won´t hide his faults, but learn from them
A story I wanna read again and again
A story of two
A story of us
That’s the “prince not charming” I want

Friday, August 12, 2016

Losing My Voice

Woke up and no word could come out
My brain bombarded by thoughts
Good thoughts, bad thoughts, ugly thoughts
Good thoughts like I´m alive
Bad thoughts like I hate feeling this emptiness
Ugly thoughts like I wish I had never fallen into this void
Woke up and no word could come out
Felt helpless and so weak
Felt like nothing
A “nothing” person
A “nothing” woman
A nothing that can´t be loved
A nothing that was tossed when less expected
Woke up and no word could come out
And a “larme” rolled over my face
A “larme” then multiplied into an ocean
A gloomy hurricane of emotions trapped me
Woke up and no word could come out
Not that word that I used to say, “babe”
Not those words that I used to say, “I love you”
Woke up and no word could come out
Just silence and weakness
And then out of nowhere
Here I am with no voice, but with hope
Here I am with no voice, but immensely stronger
Here I am a “nothing” with no voice, but climbing “Everest” little by little
Yes, you are gone, but I´m still here
Yes, I have no voice, but I´m still me
Got my way lost, but I´m finding it back somehow
Woke up and no word could come out
But here I am writing this poem not to you, but to me!
Here I am rediscovering, reinventing, redefining who I am
Here I am with no voice, but with a mighty heart
Losing my voice, losing you…how long can this last?
Not much because this is me who we´re talking about!
A nothing who is something
A nothing who is something without you
Losing my voice, losing you…how hard could it be?
Yes, I loved you! But it is not all about you anymore!
Here I am and I want to sing!
Here I am and I´m ready to rise and show you that you never defined me
Here I am…sorry! Not to show you anything, but to show me the beautiful “nothing” I am

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


A borrowed heart
A borrowed feeling
We danced for a while
Felt my world was turned upside down
Felt I couldn’t feel happier
Woke one day and everything was gone
Your love, your smile
Your voice stopped making those groovy sounds
Your words stopped being written and sent to my heart
The dance stopped and I wasn’t prepared
A borrowed heart
Are you where you’re supposed to be?
Thought we belonged together
Thought we would dance forever
Thought we would go to Las Vegas and love each other until the end
Didn’t I get the message right?
I laughed at that!
Because you knew how much I loved you!
You knew it, but the game was on
A borrowed heart
A borrowed feeling
And now you’re all cozy in her arms…
But I did learn
Learned to never give my heart to the wrong person
Our dance is over
Photos and a ghost remain
Hope I can forget just that easily
Wish I were all cozy in someone else’s arms
Loving and being loved
You forgot everything so quickly
But I’m fine…you just made me stronger!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

The photos that were never posted

Today my world collapsed
You and her in front of me
How couldn´t I see it before?
Why was I so blind?
All the photos that were never posted
All the secrets
Now everything makes sense
What a player!
I can´t believe my eyes
Yes, you!
You, such a liar!
Manipulating me
Making me cry a river
All I had for you was love
And you tore everything apart
You took my heart and broke it with pleasure
What did I ever do to you to deserve that?
The only thing I did was to love you
What a fool!
Thought you felt the same
All the secrets
All the photos that were never posted
Are now nothing
Never seen
You crashed my last hope
And your real face was revealed
An ugly face
An ugly look
What did I ever do to you to deserve that?
Just hope to never see you again
Just hope you´ll never hurt anyone the way you hurt me
All the secrets
All the photos that were never posted
Are now gone

Saturday, March 5, 2016


No one would understand, but
This is the story of a dog called Brian
He was a puppy, a cute puppy, so small that he could fit in one´s hand
There he was all tied up with a rope, all alone in a balcony
The owners? A family who didn´t like him!
Actually a family who preferred the poodle they had
Life is so wonderful and surprising!
Mom was the one who rescued him
Yeah! The family said yes! You can take him!
Brian, a cute puppy, was so scared, but mom´s love saved him
Brian ran and ran like a rabbit
Brian jumped and jumped like this was heaven
Brian looked at me and I knew things would be just fine
We traveled together...
So many adventures, happy moments, sad moments
I missed you when I was not there with you
You missed me because I was not there with you
We danced together, we cried together
You protected mom and you made her happy
What else in the world would I ask for!
You are one of the most precious gifts this life has given me
Little puppy with a collar that could fit a mouse
Little puppy that grew old but still had energy to play with me
Little puppy you understood how I felt when life struck me
You have no idea how much I love you and miss you!
But I know one day we´ll be together again
And yeah…we´ll dance and play like we used to do
And yeah…you will run and run like a rabbit
And yeah…I will see your wolflike-shadow again!
Little puppy! Thanks so much for understanding us!
I know you´ll always be here with us!
My heart is broken now, but I can´t be more thankful for having found you in this crazy world
Love you, Brian!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

A trap called "Love"

Please love me like I do
Please don´t give up on us
Tears just pour out of my soul
I can´t control this feeling
It´s bigger than me and my brains
Please make love to me
Please dance with me
Tears just cover my face
I wish I didn´t feel the way I feel now
It was an unexpected feeling
I should have walked away
I should have slapped you when you kissed me the first time
I should have done that and run away before it was too late
But now there is no way out
I´ve fallen in this trap called love once again
Wish I can take my heart and just tear it apart
Wish I could stop crying and thinking what I did wrong
I just showered you with kisses and sweetness
I just wanted to make you happy
And now this is how it all ends
Wish I could be you…wish I could control my feelings and decide not to care anymore
Wish I could go back in time and said “no”
My heart wouldn´t be broken
But there is more than you think
I´m not like anyone else!
And you´ll see
I´m strong enough to deal with the pain…maybe not today, but tomorrow you´ll see
I will just let my tears be free, just for today
I will just sink into this pain
I will remember the way you kissed me
I will remember the way we met
But just for today because tomorrow…I´ll wake up all brand new
Because I was being myself
Because it was not a game for me
I risked it and now I´ll put my heart together and keep going
It would have been one of the most amazing stories!
It would have been a beautiful dance, you and me!
But it´s OK
I´ll keep going…I´ll keep walking… and one day I will love again!