Thursday, May 31, 2012


Life is learning
When I wake up I am grateful for I have another day to learn
I can breathe and I can think
I never stop learning
I learn from my success, but I learn more from my mistakes
I dream of being a learner forever

Everyone is a learner
And everyone is a teacher
Learners have treasures in their minds
And I want to discover them
Sometimes they do not know they are rich
I want them to discover that
I see them speaking the language of the world
I see them smiling and expressing
I see them happy

I walk to them and knock on their doors
I want to be their friend
They smile and their eyes shine
I can read their faces
Sometimes they are happy, sometimes they are defeated
I am the rock or classical band that cheers them up
I am their walking stick
They are my walking stick
Together we want to reach the stars
Together we want to cross a wild river

The road is hard, but we are together
I trust them
I want them to trust me
They must be the best
They must do their best to conquer the world

They are all different
I never get bored
They inspire me
They make me ready to start all over again

Their desire is reaching a distant star
I know the way
The star seems hard to reach
They should approach it slowly and deeply
If they reach the star they will write poems and sing songs
Beautiful star you make them cry and make them laugh
They just want to reach you
I will show them the way
So we can be together and listen to our words

They are all different
I have to be careful
They must be careful
Reaching the star is harder
Every detail counts
Every moment
Every encounter
Reaching the star is strenuous, but worth it

During the journey
We warm up and we work hard
For everyone wants to reach the star
I show the steps and we dance
Sometimes they show me their steps
And we share a joyful dance

Everyone is different, everyone dreams of the star
Some go fast, some go slow
They help each other,
They share, they smile
I smile too for the precious star is waiting for us
They learn from their success, but they learn more from their mistakes
I am there for them
We are a whole
We are together

Sometimes I fall down
I am one of them
I am not a mythological god
They know that
We continue walking, we continue learning
Sometimes they fall down
I do not laugh, I do not accuse
We are together, we walk together

I open my arms, so they feel at home
I sing a song, so they feel at home
I write a poem, so they feel at home
I read a story, so they feel at home
I listen to their hearts, so they feel at home

Every moment counts
Every detail counts
I read their faces
They tell me the next step
I have a map, but they show me how to read it
Every day is different, every day is an opportunity
We are together
We are almost there
We will be reaching the star
For we know what we want

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