Friday, October 12, 2012


Smiles, laughter, freedom
You were all that to me
Speed, craziness, plain happiness
You were all that to me
Understanding, love, friendship
You were all that to me
My heart broke when I understood that I will never hear your voice again
My heart broke because I couldn’t say bye
Paddling in a river
You cheering me up, so I could make it to the shore
You were more than a friend
You were laughter and love
When you left…the sky poured sorrow over me
But I know you are happy now
You are with your love now
Thanks for so much joy!
Thanks for being part of my life!
You are not here with me now, but I know you are somehow
You are in those simple things that move me every day
You are in those crazy moments that I ache to have
I love you…I will always love you
My crazy, authentic friend!
In memoriam of Jesse Medina, a true dear friend.

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