Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Growing up

Back when you were a child
Things seemed all possible
They were indeed possible when you closed your eyes
They both were holding hands and smiling at each other
Things were possible, my friend!
Hugs and love and someone who could be there for you
You just needed that
Someone who could understand who you were
A solitaire soul
A thousand of thoughts
An innocent smile
Growing up went faster than you expected
So many decisions to be made
A solitaire soul embracing life
You just want to run away and hide in this wonderful world
Never coming back home
There is no home to go back to
Home is just wherever you go
Home is within your heart
It’s so hard to grow up
Teenage jeans don’t fit anymore
Shadows of wrinkles invading your face
You’re happy, no regrets!
But how hard is to grow up and pretend you are an adult
An adult who knows exactly how to reach the top mountain
Decisions, decisions
Forgiveness, forgiveness
Hiding in this beautiful world
Just a break from this madness
And a chai tea will do...
No regrets!

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