Saturday, March 5, 2016


No one would understand, but
This is the story of a dog called Brian
He was a puppy, a cute puppy, so small that he could fit in one´s hand
There he was all tied up with a rope, all alone in a balcony
The owners? A family who didn´t like him!
Actually a family who preferred the poodle they had
Life is so wonderful and surprising!
Mom was the one who rescued him
Yeah! The family said yes! You can take him!
Brian, a cute puppy, was so scared, but mom´s love saved him
Brian ran and ran like a rabbit
Brian jumped and jumped like this was heaven
Brian looked at me and I knew things would be just fine
We traveled together...
So many adventures, happy moments, sad moments
I missed you when I was not there with you
You missed me because I was not there with you
We danced together, we cried together
You protected mom and you made her happy
What else in the world would I ask for!
You are one of the most precious gifts this life has given me
Little puppy with a collar that could fit a mouse
Little puppy that grew old but still had energy to play with me
Little puppy you understood how I felt when life struck me
You have no idea how much I love you and miss you!
But I know one day we´ll be together again
And yeah…we´ll dance and play like we used to do
And yeah…you will run and run like a rabbit
And yeah…I will see your wolflike-shadow again!
Little puppy! Thanks so much for understanding us!
I know you´ll always be here with us!
My heart is broken now, but I can´t be more thankful for having found you in this crazy world
Love you, Brian!

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